Sod Prep and Installation

For either new construction or renovation, sod provides an instant lawn ready to use. Covenant Works LLC. works closely with the premier local sod farm Turf Connections INC, providing fresh sod specifically harvested and delivered for your project. It is important to pick the correct type of grass for your property based on the natural environment and also your preference. We offer a wide variety of grass such as; Tall Fescue, Bermuda, and Zoysia and are happy to help with selecting the best option for you.


Proper preparation is vital to the success of your future lawn. Before we install the sod we make sure the ground is professionally prepared by smoothing and loosening the soil, removing rocks and debris, and amending or adding soil when needed to make sure the ground is ready for sod.

Tree and Shrub Installation

When planting trees, shrubs, or flowers proper preparation and installation is key to health and future growth of the plant. It is important that holes are dug to at least twice the width of the root mass to allow adequate space to backfill with nutrient amended soil which gives a loosened layer of soil for the roots to grow into. Plant depth is just as important, as trees and plants planted below grade are more susceptible to root rot or other diseases. These are a few of the factors that we pay close attention to when installing new plants.

Mulch and Pine Needles

Fresh mulch or pine needles installed in planting beds offer more than just aesthetic benefits. Keeping a 2”-3” layer of either mulch or pine needles in planting beds helps prevent the growth of unwanted weeds, reducing the time needed to pull weeds and the use of chemicals to kill weeds. This mulch also helps retain moisture in the soil around plants which helps in dryer periods, makes watering more effective, and also reduces the amount of watering needed. It is best to add a new layer of mulch every year or pine straw one to two times per year to maintain an adequate layer.

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