Lawn Maintenance

Covenant Works LLC offers premier lawn maintenance for your residential and commercial properties. Lawns are maintained with the use of high quality commercial mowers and skilled operators for the best care of your turf. We routinely patrol for weeds and other debris and strive to maintain the best upkeep and appearance of your property  Along with regular mowing and trimming, shrub maintenance is also available as part of the contract to keep shrubs neat year round. Throughout the fall and winter leaves are removed from the property with the use of our commercial debris loader where the leaves are mulched and composted to be used again.

Aeration and Seeding

Fall aeration and overseeding is commonly needed to rejuvenate Tall Fescue lawns after the long hot summers in our climate. Core aeration is important for fighting compaction in the clay soils by pulling our soil plugs and leaving them on top of the ground and also breaking up and loosening the soil. Overseeding helps to fill in and thicken thin and bare areas that may have formed in the lawn over the summer from drought, disease, or insects. A few weeks after the aeration and seeding process lawns will begin to green up and thicken going into winter giving the turf time to mature and grow deep roots before the next summer.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Covenant Works LLC offers custom fertilizer and weed control programs for your type of grass and lawn conditions. Properly timed fertilizer and weed control applications throughout the year will keep your lawn healthier and keep unsightly weeds to a minimum. Each lawn has different needs which is why we offer soil samples so we can test to see exactly what your lawn needs.

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